Shower Curtain ستائر مراوش

A shower curtain is a decorative and functional item used in bathrooms to prevent water from splashing out of the shower area. It is typically made of waterproof material like vinyl or polyester and hangs from a rod or rail above the bathtub or shower enclosure. Shower curtains come in various designs, colors, and patterns, allowing users to personalize the look of their bathroom. In addition to keeping water inside the shower, they also provide privacy and can enhance the overall aesthetic of the space. Some shower curtains may feature additional features like weighted hems or built-in hooks for easy installation. Overall, a shower curtain is an essential accessory that helps maintain a clean and dry bathroom while adding style and functionality.

Shower Curtains
This type of curtains is used in bathrooms and can be easily cleaned and can control the quantities of light when closing it so as to provide the suitable privacy and prevent water leak outside the bathtub and its heavy duty

ستائر مراوش

يستخدم هذا النوع من الستائر في الحممات، وتتميز ببساطتها وتمكن من التحكم في كمية الضوء في الحمام عند إغلاقها تقوم بتوفير الخصوصية وكذلك الحماية خروج المياة خارج نطاق البانيو .
هذا النوع من الستائر شديد التحمل، كما أن water proof هي مقاومة للماء، مما يجعلها مثالية في البيئات المشبعة بالبخار مثل المطابخ والحمامات. فهي سهلة التنظيف.
هذه المجموعة من الستائر تشمل الأقمشة المعاصرة بألوان بسيطة وأخرى قوية نابضة بالحياة وكذلك الأبيض الجميل، والأشكال المنقوشة.
Shower Curtains - Saudi Arabia

Our Shower curtains are 100% polyester and its 100% water proof.
This Fabrics are Mildew free on long term base and fabrics are attached with bottom weight threads, so its hanging properly.
The design on our Shower curtains are perl white with line structured. This designs are classy and ever lasting for your Home, Hotels and where ever Suitable. We are keeping always good stocks.

Shower Curtains Rod and Rings

We are proving high quality Stainless steel Rods and Rust free Steel Balls fixed Rings, This Rings will help to move very smoothly on rod and Shower curtains getting Perfect advantages. Each Sets of shower curtains are getting 12 Rings together. This SS tubes length are coming 2M length and 2 wall brackets also.